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My name is Brett and I am an Avon Representative, Flight Attendant, Online seller, and personal health advocate.  Due to my autoimmune illness Psoriatic Arthritis and Psoriasis, my commitment to fitness and health is ongoing. I love sharing the many positives as well as the challenges of life over 50 for women.

Always a student of self-improvement and a lover of beauty, fashion style, health and fitness I have lots of experiences and advice to share. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune illness just 3 years ago, I had to cut back my flying at my day job of a flight attendant.

I decided I would pull on all of my past experiences in the beauty industry, (I have a cosmetology license) my extensive online selling expertise and design skills, as well as my past experience losing weight and getting fit to help myself and other women over fifty, find new life goals and passions.

Using my entrepreneur tendencies, my goal-setting skills, and creativity and love of style and beauty to find a way to cope, share help others and maybe even find a new post 50 career.  I had made a lot of changes in the last 20 years and I needed to draw on that experience to navigate my way through the challenges of both having an autoimmune illness and my new over 50 life.

Navigating the beauty and ageism struggles that were taking a toll on me both physically and mentally. I had to come to terms with what it meant to me and how I wanted to be perceived and live my life.

Not long after I convinced my 70 something-year-old mom to start her own YouTube Channel Over 60 with Sandra) I decided I would also love to share my knowledge and over 50 experience with others in a similar situation, women, who like me are navigating over 50 life.

Lucky Girl Greeting Card
This is one of the many greeting cards I made and sold.

Let’s be honest a lot of changes after a woman turns 50.  Your hormones change, your relationships can change, your lifestyle, your finances may change along with your job, your love life and even motherhood start to take you on a different path than the one you may have been on before.  So here I was a once…  24, 34, 44 now 54-year-old women who basically was the same young girl I once was only with more life experience, struggles, successes, and a few pounds and wrinkles to show for the wear.

brett thompson, girl with hands in prayer , namaste yoga loverI came to realize how important it is was to remember the girl I once was before I started to be jaded by mature adult life.  While popular culture has a negative view on age, it offers no tangible nugget of truth of a woman’s true value as a person or her physical beauty.  However, it is an element of aging that makes many of us feel less valuable and worthy.

It takes effort and mental agility to correct that train of thought to teach ourselves not to be a slave to popular conventions.  Society may give age an unkind glance, but thankfully on an intimate one on one individual personal level beauty in the eye of the beholder.

Having Lunch with some of my Flight Attendant friends and crew on a nice long layover in Oklahoma City. Perks of the Job.
styled outfit for poshmark
One of my Poshmark Styled items for sale in my closet. I love any form of visual styling using what I have around the house.


Originally from New Jersey and Transplanted to Chicago in 2012, currently, in my day job, I work as a flight attendant for a major U.S. Airline. In my off time, I enjoy making pretty, selling Avon and being my own boss when I can.

I enjoy beauty, fashion, and style, I love creating a cozy home, knitting, making greeting cards, organizing, sewing or doing style & beauty videos for YouTube.  I also love health and fitness, and being over the age of 50 it is a constant challenge for sure, but I enjoy every challenge every step around every corner and turn.

You also may also find me rearranging the furniture to the dismay of my college-age son who never knows what he will come home to.  I also love decluttering and organizing and consider myself an expert thrift shopper always looking for cool one of kind items for my home or to sell on eBay.

I love to shop in-store or online looking for the great home, style, fashion and beauty items to share! I have a background in copywriting, ad design, art & film. I am a flight attendant by day and so a frequent flying gal with a cosmetology license and years of makeup artistry experience in my background.

trying on outfits

All In A Day’s Work: I have worked as a professional makeup artist, home stager, property manager, fashion model. I have owned a prestigious nail salon, managed a high-end spa, and worked in product development for an advertising & graphic design company having some of my work appear in Micheals Craft Stores and the New York Times.

I had a greeting card company called “Cartolina”  and made and sold many handcrafted products that I resold online and at craft fairs. I have been selling on eBay since 2001 and for many years was an eBay Power Seller.

flight attendant interview
The day I went for my airline interview this is how I looked and what I wore. I wore my hair short like this for 11 years. 2008


I attended New York University Tisch School of the Arts and hold a BFA from Hunter College City Univerisity of NYC and as well spent a semester at the Universidad of Guayaquil Ecuador studying Latin American Language and Culture.

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