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Behind The Boss Life Beauty Blog

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Welcome to Boss Life Beauty. My name is Brett, and I am a 50 something recently retired Aircrew member Beauty enthusiast, designer and Avon Representative. Firstly, Behind The Boss Life Beauty Blog Is dedicated to share the quality and the message of what Avon stands for.

Avon is simply great beauty, skincare and lifestyle products. Moreover, Avon’s dedication to women’s earning power and issues facing women today has been the backbone of Avon since its inception in 1886. Finally, it’s why I chose to be an Avon Representative and Ambassador.

Behind Boss Life Beauty; Where my love affair with Avon started

Ever since I was a young girl the smell of Skin So Soft gives me happy thoughts. I can remember my mom spraying it on us in the evenings at the beach, and using it our baths as kids.

Fast-forward 12 years from those lazy days on the beach. I graduated from beauty school with a Cosmetology License and opened a nail spa. I only used Avon “Footworks” products on my clients because they worked so well.

The quality and the message and movement behind what Avon stood for. Women gaining financial independence. Feeling powerful through self-care and beauty and focusing on important women’s issues has been the backbone of Avon since its inception in 1886.

The move to sell Avon products again in 2015 was driven by my initial experience with their award-winning skin care lines like Anew, Moisture Therapy and their old classic favorites like Nutura skin moisturizer.

Once I started using Avon my skin became clearer, younger looking and my bank account grew because I was no longer spending large quantities of money on products whose costs were fueled by large advertising budgets. 

New Avon Today

The Boss Life Beauty Blog is happy to share that in 2019 Avon merged with Asian giant LG corp. What happened then was the Avon brand got even better. LG being a Korean giant in Beauty and skincare and not just electronics, who knew?

Avon adopted big Korean brands like Face Shop, and their award-winning European products like Dr. Belmeur and Belif . Combined with new takes on old favorites like Isa Knox Anew and the tried and true Anew original in all of its formulas new products that are bestsellers in Europe already.

Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.

miami beach

To be clear, I do occasionally use other beauty products besides Avon. I do share reviews of those products here on this blog.

I believe Avon has some of the best products on the market. However, I also realize beauty junkies like myself cannot always live by one brand alone. 

So join me on my journey of the best in beauty and lifestyle whether you want to sell Avon and be your beauty boss or you just love the products, join me on my journey be beautiful at any age. Celebrating self-care for your inner wellbeing. You can read more about starting a skincare routine here. Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about me.