french country bedroom makeover

French Country Meets Modern; A Budget Bedroom Makeover

Before: Dark and too much clutter The pretty black and white Quilt is completely overshadowed.

I had inherited a bedroom with really red walls, a rooster pillow and too much stuff! What was a girl to do? A trip to Marshall’s home, Lowes for paint and redecorate using a few key keepers.

Thanks to Marshall’s and Walmart, this whole bedroom re-do in my parents home back in New Jersey cost about less than $300.

Keeping in the vein of stylish frugalista I decided I would mixing what I already had: A really pretty Better Homes and Gardens black and white quilted comforter and set of matching shams from Walmart, a pretty turkish wool floral traditional style rug to the left of the bed and a adorable rooster pillow.

So I took a trip to Marshall’s & Lowes with a budget of $300 for paint and the rest to splurge at Marshall’s in the home decor section. I was a 3rd year flight attendant in 2010 and at that time wasn’t making a ton of money so this amount seemed reasonable.

A Bedroom  with  too much clutter and too much color causes anxiety and unrest,  clogs  clear thinking and  leaves one unrested.

bedroom makeover french country

Budget $300 Plus Inspiration Items:

  • Inspiration item: Black & white quilt.
  • Items to keep: Wool traditional floral rug.
  • Labor: Walls needed white paint & primer.


bedroom makeover french country

I liked the idea of working with what I already had and the challenge was finding what I could on clearance or within my budget and make it work.

My budget being my guide I put my creativity to work and in a matter of an hour I had found some AMAZINGLY awesome clearance pieces for really inexpensive (I have a list below so you can see what I found and the cost) at that point with my new pieces I decided with what I had and what I found as I went along that a French country look mixed with modern and a touch of traditional would be my eclectic recipe of home decor for my new bedroom.

A Bedroom  with  too much clutter and too much color causes anxiety and unrest,  clogs  clear thinking and  leaves one unrested.


This style worked! Thanks to the neutral color scheme of black white with complementary red and the mixing of two distinct but completely opposite styles. One cozy and casual “French Country” the other bold with very clean lines, “Modern”.  I was so happy with the results that I decided to blog about it but I am sorry I don’t have more pictures as I was blogging about fitness instead of home decor at the time I lived in my old home, but I thought the results were worth sharing on this blog.

Items I purchased at Marshall’s

  • Painted the red walls with primer then a pretty soft white. 2 gallons of paint and primer. $39 from paint reject rack at home depot.
  • Metal work candle holders on right and left night stands Marshalls clearance rack: $3 each. clearance.
  • 6 Throw pillows from Walmart $8 each.
  • Modern metal gold, red and black wall hanging on the right of bed Marshall’s clearance rack $5 clearance.
  • Bertrand French Cafe painting Giclee on canvas above center of bed $49.
  • Espresso Night tables Walmart $39 each.
  • Black and White stitched leather stretched over canvas wall art. $11 clearance.
  • Espresso Book Shelves Walmart $89.
  • Wool Turkish floral area rug 2.5′ x 4′ Marshall’s $29.

Total Cost=$265 + Tax

On the second large photo above you can see a box that is a book case in the same espresso which wasn’t yet put together.  I really gave the room some great storage and even more warmth.

Finishing touches

I wish I had photos of it when it was added.  I left some traditional pieces like the floral wool rug on the left of the bed and the faux roses and bedside lamps and the white mirror on the wall to add balance which tied the look together.

Taking away the old brass mirrors, faux flowers and then painting the walls white and adding matching night tables added uniformity and sophistication without sacrificing on charm.  I used to have more photos but lost them with a computer crash a couple of years ago.

It is very rewarding when you get creative and try and work with what you have to find the hidden treasure of what could be.  Sometimes you get it right the first time and sometimes you can pick things that won’t work but don’t get discouraged, It it is in this process that you make your space your own and develop your design savvy.


Happy decorating!


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