Gold Flatware Brings Unexpected Elegance To The Dinner Table

The Wolf Of Wall Street Has Nothing On This Early 1990’s Retro Gold Flatware

The 90’s are back baby in a big way! When helping move my mother out of our New Jersey family home when it sold in April of 2016 I found many lost treasures.

But the one that brought me the most joy and had me reeling in nostalgia was my gold coated stainless flatware that I got as a wedding gift for my first marriage in the 1987. There it was in the attic in it’s mahogany velvet lined box.

I mean move over Janet Jackson, “Ab Fab” & “Mom Jeans”! The early nineties are back in a big way in fashion so certainly my gold 80’s forks, spoons and knives can have a place on any millennial dinner table.

Mikasa table wear and gold flatware

To show off my glamourous dinnerware I went off to my local thrift store to procure some matching table linens to temper the expensive glam of my flatware and make my dinner table stand out in shining style.

Within 15 minutes of of arriving at my local savers I was so happy to find these pretty Mikasa cherry blossom plates and matching salad bowls for $1 each. I then stumbled over to the linen department and snagged these beautiful textured nice very well made red cotton placemats and I couldn’t believe I found these beautiful cotton floral napkins in near like new condition to match.

Mikasa table wear and gold flatware

With the addition of some water glasses I had and some faux roses in a small silver vase. My 1980’s gold toned silverware was the shining star of the evening!

Mikasa table wear and gold flatware

A perfect place setting:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix patterns like traditional florals with modern florals like the modern Mikasa and the traditional floral napkins.
  • Mix thrift store and flea market finds with box store and higher end items you already have. This adds interest.
  • Mix textures like the placemats here and the napkins which are a heavier texture with the fine porcelain china of Mikasa.Mikasa table wear and gold flatware

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