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How a makeover can alter a women’s universe


Ok, so maybe you arrived here out of curiosity and are wondering how a beauty makeover can alter a women’s universe am I right?  I mean the universe is a big concept. Or maybe you already get it and are looking for some beauty makeover inspiration? Either way, I am here to reassure you that whether you are 16 or 26, 46, or 86 a good beauty makeover still has the power to alter your looks and more importantly your outlook and how you feel about yourself with just a few small non-surgical changes, and that my friend can change the personal universe in which you find yourself.

My grandmother until she died at 86 never ever left the house without lipstick.  You never know who you’ll meet she used to say.  As much as I hate to admit it and as much as I love going barefaced when I can, there is some truth to her sentiment.  I have met many women in my day who met their husbands or found a future job lead or got a party invites running impromptu errands. To sum it up looks matter.

You do not have to be or even feel pretty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all anyway.  We all know the sad story of someone who got left for someone way uglier. But accentuating your good parts or wearing something that makes you feel beautiful will help you to shine among the stars.

A good example of this is in my mind is the best movie make-over since Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, I would definitely say Olivia Newton-John’s character Sandy In the Movie Grease. With Julianne Hough reviving the role of Oliva Newton Johns character Sandy in the movie Grease for a forty year anniversary televised live performance on January 31st, 2018, this post finds itself in good timing.

juliane hough grease remake the makeover
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How a simple Makeover changed a girls life and gave her power in a relationship

The movie Grease with John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.  It is the cornerstone of how became obsessed with the idea that just simple temporary changes made to one’s appearance, could change the way you felt about yourself and how others treated you.  It was like an epiphany moment.  Of course in high school, we all knew all to well that girls with big boobs and no acne got treated differently than their counterparts.

But what I have since learned is that all it took was a little knowledge, some help from someone else.  A friend with a cooler wardrobe than you, a new or discovered beauty product.  Even something as simple as a sunburn turned into a tan caused others to comment how great or healthy you looked.

Sandy Cheerleading Grease

In the Movie Grease, Olivia Newton-John’s character Sandy in the film was transformed literally overnight from a shy pretty good girl next door to sexy bombshell.  Essentially, a makeover that consisted of a change of clothes, a new hairstyle, and some makeup.

Seems simple right?  Some black skin-tight pants, a black off the shoulder top, a black leather biker jacket, big hair, bright red lipstick, some Candie’s shoes (which became all the rage after this movie) and voila!  Hollywood magic, a bombshell was born.  That my friend is the art of the makeover.

Truth said, Sandy’s makeover and the effect on the viewers as well as on John Travolta’s character Danny were dramatic because in essence these simple changes not only affected how she appeared to others, more importantly, it affected how she felt about herself and therefore the outcome of her life on screen as we know it.  Yes, makeup & hair and style can have that power.

Olivia Newton John’s big beauty makeover moment

Grease Oliva Newton-john
I remember my first viewing of the movie Grease.  It was June 1979 and I had just moved to Walnut Creek California to live with my Father for my sophomore year in high school.  I was fifteen years old and new in the neighborhood, as were my dad and stepmom as they recently had purchased the house.  For a fifteen-year-old with no friends yet, there was nothing to do there back then but swim in the backyard pool, play space invaders at the local bowling alley, or go to the movies.

I was considered pretty, but insecure as most young girls can be at that age. Watching Grease I was mesmerized by the ability that just different makeup hair and a clothing could transform a girl into a woman a shy girl into a supermodel.  A girl that got her dream job, her prince charming, her confidence. A girl who took a simple risk that paid off.

I wanted that to be me!  I wanted to feel the way I knew she felt. Powerful, beautiful and confident. By just changing hair clothes and makeup (I think of others like David Bowie and Kiss) you can change how people perceive you. Like a moth who becomes a butterfly, we too can change how we feel and how others feel about us just by putting on a little lipstick! That is so powerful.

grease the movie avon get sandys look

Get Sandy’s new look:

Now more than ever the beauty makeover is more attainable than ever. We didn’t have fashion blogs, smartphones, Shop Style or Polyvore. Fashion and beauty advice and inspiration weren’t instantly available.  But then the question remained in 1979, back then where do you even go to get an outfit like this one below?  You would have to shop for days.

Today, to get Sandy’s post-transformation makeover you just need to visit Polyvore, or ShopStyle to find her look and buy it.  We did not have the internet or Amazon or Polyvore or fashion bloggers back then.  We are so lucky today to have so many resources to look and feel our best and we no longer have to wait.

I remember I high school this good friend of mine said: “you have such beautiful eyes, why not try wearing mascara on both your bottom and top lashes?” Today all we have to do to get inspired or get good beauty advice is visit YouTube or do a Google search for whatever it is we are having trouble with.


Age can be unkind,  but a good beauty makeover can rewind us a bit

beauty makeover
As women age the makeover transformation changes.  In your 30’s for most women, it’s all about being a mother or fast-tracking one’s career so what you need to look and feel beautiful changes.  It’s less about men and more about your family, you’re what we wear and what we put on our faces changes.

Women often go through past their 40’s the art of transformation while still there, in theory, becomes little more distant in practicality.  It’s been said too much makeup can age you. A too short skirt or tight top can label you as inappropriately dressed, too much plastic surgery and you are secretly a labeled a troubled soul who can’t come to grips with your age.

The allure of the makeover for young sixteen-year-old is no different than the allure of a sixty-year-old.   It is universally appealing at any age to be a better or more exciting version of oneself. To become someone else even, for a little while to play a part, the power of the makeover compelling.  Again it comes down to how it makes you feel to wear that red lipstick or that slimming pencil skirt than it is about how it makes you look, and therein lies the beauty of the makeover.

At any time, just doing any little number things to alter your appearance can have a lasting effect on your inner self and that truly is the key to others seeing you differently.   Makeup, style and beauty products have a place in everyone’s home, for hygiene, for looks, for fun.  Life can be hard but a makeover doesn’t have to be.  It’s can be as simple as wearing a new lipstick. Oliva Newton-John a beauty at any age.

So there you have it in my mind’s eye the best beauty makeover transformation ever….who didn’t secretly want to be Olivia Newton-John.  For more info about me, my support and love of Avon or to learn more about selling Avon you can click on any of these text links or use the menu above.

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