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Put Your Wardrobe On Auto Pilot; Having An Everyday Uniform Saves You Time, Money & Keeps You Looking Polished

Why Put Your Wardrobe On Auto Pilot?  Because having an everyday uniform saves you time, and keeps you looking polished.  Being a busy traveler for my day job and having to wear a uniform as a Flight Attendant, it was not lost on me when Sarah from the farmhouse and home decor blog She Holds Dearly recommend a daily uniform in one of her fabulous teachable courses “Finding Time To Hold Dearly”.

Sarah is an amazing interior designer, photographer, author and time management expert. In her online courses on teachable (which I recommend to women who want to be more productive) she recommends that choosing a daily uniform can reduce morning stress and allows us time for other more important things.  Like workouts, spiritual meditation, and working on tasks that help us reach our life goals.

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When choosing pieces for your daily uniform one should consider comfort and your lifestyle. Choosing items that fit your lifestyle are important. Also, You have to feel good about them and want to wear them.  They should coincide with your personal taste and should be flattering to your body type. If you work at home, jeans could be your staple, if you work in an office then a black pencil skirt and a couple of coordinating black or navy dresses and button-down shirts or blouses would be key items to consider.

We all have favorite outfits, socks, and even underwear…admit it, I do.  Our daily life days go by so fast and we sometimes can spend up to 30  minutes in front of our closets deciding on what to wear.  Putting your wardrobe on autopilot by adopting a daily uniform can save you time and in your morning routine and as well can save you money keep you looking polished, by defining your sense of style, effortlessly without a lot of fuss or muss.

Daily Uniform Capsule Wardrobe


Ever since I downsized my closet and decided to create a capsule wardrobe I have seen the benefit of less choice.  Choosing fewer clothes but in flattering styles and colors (you can see that video at the end of this post)  I get to appointments faster, I look better and I am having fun easily mixing it all up.  To help me get ideas I love a new website Shop Look that is a good replacement for the now-defunct style site Polyvore.

Shop Look allows its members (it is free to join) to create an account, select outfit pieces, save them to a profile then share them on Pinterest and with the Shop Look community.  Below you will see my Shop Look capsule that I created for my at home workweek uniform.  I created mine using multiple tops and just one pair of jeans.  Now, of course, most women have more than one pair of jeans but really you would only need maybe 3 pairs of good fitting comfortable jeans, I love Lee Riders as a budget option.

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by Bosslifebeauty

For a pricer pair I also love Tommy Bahama Jeans they are cut for an over 50 body (no muffin top here) and as well I recommend any jeans by JJill for their comfort factor they have a cotton/poly modell blend and seriously feel like your wearing yoga pants; here are some I found on eBay for a really great price.  These jeans new are about $79 which is not totally unreasonable.

But for those of you, that know I absolutely love the idea of thrifting and buying used to save landfills. That is not to say I am opposed to buying new I am definitely not I just love to mix and match and with what I save shopping on eBay or consignment shops I can have that extra special luxury I Item that I want.  But If money is not a problem and you have a bigger budget. I have given you some ideas in both my Shop Look and my Shop Style recommendations below.

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Here are some things to consider when shopping your closet or a store for your daily uniform:

  • What do you do in a day will determine your daily uniform. Do you work in an office? Teach? Or are you at home? Do you golf or go to the gym? Garden?
  • You only need about 2-4 pairs of daily uniform pants skirts or dresses or shorts.
  • Shop for comfort but not at the expense of not looking polished. With today’s comfort fabrics you don’t have to sacrifice on style.
  • Simplicity is the utmost style statement. A crisp white button-down with a dark pair of denim jeans can take you anywhere.
  • Shop for your body type and use fabrics and cuts that flatter.  The most basic T-shirt with a scoop hem and a v-neck can add length subtract weight and look elegant.
  • If you are busy in the garden or cooking during the day, as Sarah from She Holds Dearly recommends wearing a simple but beautiful classic apron to keep stains off your clothes is a great idea. Check out this linen apron on eBay , you will fall in love.

I created some more shoppable looks here at Shop Style Collective one of my favorite shopping resources.

I really love the tops below with the tie in the front they remind me so much of the 1970’s they really define your waist and draw attention away from hips and thighs. I think button-down shirts don’t have to be stuffy and can add an air of elegance and classic styling to your everyday uniform. They are also easy to dress up with a vest, or scarf or necklace, they look great under a cardigan or blazer and I simply love a cuffed sleeve with to show off a few beautiful bracelets.

I use some affiliate links on my blog to which if you click on and purchase I get a small commission.  I spend time putting together these lookbooks because I want to share the inspiration and I only recommend products that I really believe in, or that I use or that I think will add value you to your life.  I am honest and to have transparency I just want to put it out there and inform my readers.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog.

Here is my YouTube Video from my Channel highlighting my capsule wardrobe

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