taming brows over 50

Eyebrow Styling Hacks – Taming Over Fifty Brows

If there is one thing I am sure of, as we age our eyebrows need more styling hacks to tame over 50 brows than they In our forties.  As our over fifty brows hairs diminish as fast as our eyesight. we are often left wondering what we can to keep them looking as young and fresh as we want to feel.  But the problem is we often go overboard with too dark of a brow or too structured a brow with too much pencil or powder.  Or not enough and we look bald, plain our eyes crying out for a perfect frame.  One of the biggest offenses is what I call the upside down smile brow.  In ones effort to hold onto the brow hairs we do have or that have not yet gone gray, we figure let them do there thing. For most of us, this just isn’t the right answer.

over 5o brows
Sparse brows have gone gray with tons of strays that need tweezing is reason number one to own a good handheld magnifying mirror.

Upside down smile brow is a common problem among many women, but I see it a lot on women my own age and older because as we age, two things occur. First, our brows get thinner and we have less brow hair so we try and hold onto as much of our brows as possible. Two, honestly I really think with graying thinner brows and our vision that changes, we can’t always see the problem until someone points it out. Third, I think as we age and our brows change we may need a little help and inspiration in getting them back on track.

bad eyebrows
The face on the left reveals an almost full upside down smile brow. It has grown to far down towards her nose and needs to be filled in and tweezed as it is on the left.

As we age our brows get thinner and we can get some bald spots, so what I see women do is let them grow not wanting to lose more fullness and keep there framing definition around their eyes.  But the problem is that as we lose our eyesight slightly as we age and it is hard to access them without our glasses or readers on (for those who need them) we have a hard time getting them the right shape.  And then there are the eye brown trends that keep popping up. What shape? What color?  What I see a lot of in women my age is the growing out of brows at the inner corner toward the nose like upsidedown smiles that you see in the above photo and the main blog post photo.

brow guidelines for shaping
The three points to use a tweezing guideline. Never let brow hairs go past these lines. It is an instant face life to have nicely groomed brows.

The best rule of thumb when thinking brows over 50 is shape brows first, following the photo above and tweeze the straggly hairs nearest your inner eye and outer eye not letting the brow grow into an upsidedown smile. Then get them dyed at your salon or do it yourself with Roux Brow Dye that you can get at Sally Beauty Supply for under $20 (just follow directions and I recommend a simple patch test)  to make sure you don’t have a dye allergy and then once they are dyed you can really see the stray hairs so you can then tweeze them and really get the shape you want.

Brett Thompson
When I was in my 40’s here in this photo, my brows were never naturally really full. They kinda grew straight across. So I had them dyed and shaped which helped. They were so blonde before I had no frame for my eyes, which I really needed with the platinum blonde hair.

Brows need definition and color to look youthful.

The key to great brows over 50 is tending to them in good light, consistently, with good tweezers and good brow products. I recommend dying them, but it’s not necessary if you have a good eye brown enhancement products.  Sticking to a natural look is better as we age. So if you are blonde you need light brown, blonde brow pencil and powder can look to light or even have a peachy brown cast on gray or sparse brows.  These are the steps I recommend at the end of this post that incorporates a good brow look. To avoid the upsidedown eyebrow follow the tips below.

  • Dye your brows if want first.
  • Then Tweeze brows getting rid of straggly brow hair at each end of the brow using your inner and outer eye as a guide.
  • Brush brows in place.
  • Trim really long brows if they the hairs are too long.
  • Pencil in brows with a thin-tipped eyebrow pencil (I love the Maybelline Eyestudio Master Precise Skinny Gel Pencil.
  • Follow with brow powder in your color brow, use light to dark brown or mix red with brown for a redhead.
  • Avoid blonde eyebrow pencils after age 50, even if you are a natural blonde.
  • Set the brows and accentuate natural hairs with a brow mascara with a wand to keep brows glossy and natural.


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