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Week 2 | 90 Day Health Challenge Weekly Update Plus Algin Probiotic

Hello everyone! This week has been hectic, to say the least, I flew quite a bit and wasn’t feeling the best with my autoimmune illness flaring a bit but I kept on track with my fitness, morning meditations, and yoga practice.  I was so happy that when I weighed myself I was down almost 5 pounds in a little less than 2 weeks.

I am eating pretty well and only cheated once at work when I absolutely had to eat a protein bar (they have a lot of ingredients and whey which with my PsA I am supposed to avoid.) Not all health bars are bad but real food is better if you have the option.

If you’re doing the Challenge I do hope you’re doing well and continuing with the workouts.  I am continuing to add new ones to the playlists each week. So keep up the good work. At the very least try the yoga and meditation it’s been life-changing, for me anyway.  If you want to learn more about my 90-day health challenge for women over 50  here.

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Below is my fitness accountability for this week and a sample of what I am eating. But you choose your own eating plan to make it perfect for your body and your personal dietary choices.  I eat a lot of the same stuff and just rotate my meals, I don’t mind eating similar foods often.  I do meal prep on my day off (not always Sunday) so that I can bring healthy meals to work.  At 35,000 feet in the air, I don’t have many places to go for healthy food choices.

The only supplements I am taking are my Espira Women’s Daily Essentials 40+   which comes with 3 pills in each little pack; A multivitamin with 19+ essential vitamins and minerals plus phytonutrients, A full spectrum omega-3 capsule to support cardiovascular health, Plant-based antioxidant protection from 50+ fruits and vegetables to target eye, heart and immune health.  Just to cover my bases when I can’t eat enough or the right foods while I am traveling.

I am in love with these natural Espira multivitamins I love that they come in a separate bag for each day with the 3 vitamins in each pack so convenient for travel.  I am also taking the Probiotic Align recommended by my GI Dr. At Northwestern Hospital here in Chicago, they are a little pricey but everything I read says they are the best probiotic out there you can get them in a two month supply on Amazon here.

It has helped me so much I take it once a day with meals and I have noticed less bloating and it’s helped with any elimination issues I was having.  It is Dr. recommended and a little pricey. But since there is so much they don’t know about our individual gut bacteria I think it is worth getting something that may actually help. Supposedly it offers the right mix of bacteria in the right formulation getting your all your gut bacteria in the right combination as much as they possibly can.

Well, better go make some dinner!  I sure hope you are all following along, let me know how you are doing and have a great week!

A daily sample of my personal diet of choice menu.

My 90 Fitness Challenge Weekly Update



90 Day Health Challenge Update

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